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BBC Radio 1 Hosts Scott Mills and Chris Stark Will be Presenting the Fifth British Kebab Awards


After having attended last year’s British Kebab Awards and presented an award, the popular BBC Radio 1 hosts Scott Mills and Chris Stark will be presenting the Fifth Annual British Kebab Awards ceremony on the 26th of February 2017. The passion these great media personalities have for celebrating the kebab industry in Britain is clear, you can enjoy hearing their kind comments about last year’s ceremony by clicking here and here.

To attend the event please see our ticket sales page by following this link.

We are looking forward to the great energy and fun that these two will be bring on the night! Chris Stark’s tweet after confirming their participation says it all, while Scott Mills also proudly tweeted that to host the awards was one of his #lifegoals.  


We really can’t wait to see our two kebab-loving radio stars in action, and we want to make the event even better with more and more votes for our great candidates! To vote, simply go to our nomination page and fill out the nomination form, you can reach the page by following this link. Every nomination counts as a vote, so keep nominating your favourite kebab business! 

Remember 1 nomination = 1 vote.

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