2020 Winners

British Kebab Awards – 2020 Winners

Best Kebab House in Northern Ireland

Winner: Grab a Kebab

Highly Recommended: Chaska Enniskillen

Best Kebab House in Scotland

Winner: Best Kebab and Pizza House (Arbroath)

Highly Recommended: The Frying Scotsman

Best Kebab House in Wales

Winner: Sam’s Grill House

Best Kebab Restaurant in North and West London

Winner: Kabul City Restaurant

Highly Recommended: Divan Restaurant Ocakbasi

Bira Best Kebab Restaurant in South and East London

Winner: Cappadocia Restaurant

Highly Recommended: The Ottoman Doner

Big K Best Kebab Restaurant Regional

Winner: Mosaic Grill

Best Newcomer Restaurant

Winner: German Doner Kebab (West Bromwich)

Highly Recommended: I Am Doner (Leeds City Centre)

Best Takeaway in London

Winner: What The Pitta (Shoreditch)

Highly Recommended: The Charcoal Grill Plumstead

Just Eat Best Takeaway Regional

Winner: Alim-Et Takeaway

Highly Recommended: Irmak BBQ Dunstable

Alton & Co Best Value Restaurant

Winner: Turknaz Restaurant

Highly Recommended: Melo Persian Restaurant

Booker Makro Chef of the Year

Winner: Hamza Yalcin / Batman Grill

Ben and Jerry’s Customer Satisfaction

Winner: Mount Nemrut Turkish Restaurant

Highly Recommended: Uni Kebab

Highly Recommended: Ruyam Turkish Restaurant

Cobra Beer Fine Dining Restaurant

Winner: The Mantl

Just Eat Best Delivery

Winner: BBQ Grill Chatham

Winner: Millennium Pizza and Kebab

Highly Recommended: Batman Grill

Ace4Kebabs Kebab Van of the Year

Winner: Atalay’s Kebab Van

Highly Recommended: Ahmed’s Bar B-Q