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The Rt Hon Sir Keir Starmer MP

“Best of luck to everyone competing in this year’s Kebab Awards, it is one of the most celebrated, and popular events in the industry calendar!


Contributing over £2.8 billion annually to the British economy and supporting around 200,000 jobs within the restaurant, suppliers, and food industry in the UK, it is a truly British institution.


I know that those working in the service and catering industry are facing tough times particularly during this cost-of-living crisis. The increases to energy costs, rising food prices and staff shortages are testing your businesses’ resilience, and highlighting your ingenuity.


We’ve seen how 12 years of chronic low economic growth has left us exposed, meaning that businesses of all sizes are having to adapt, when you want to thrive.


My Labour Party is a pro-business and pro worker party. We have a plan to back British business and get our economy growing again. I know, that a stable and secure economy is built by championing the talent and efforts of millions of hard working people and thousands of businesses like yours.


A Labour Government will replace business rates with a system that is fairer and will cut business rates for small businesses. Our plans will save the average high street independent thousands of pounds.


During this time of economic uncertainty, I want to thank the tens of thousands of restaurateurs contributing greatly to their local community and the fabric of British society, providing a valued service to communities up and down the country.


I hope you have a fantastic evening and congratulations to the winners.


Keir Starmer”

Sir Keir Starmer MP

MP for Holborn and St Pancras, Leader of the Labour Party