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Nominations for 3rd British Kebab Awards (2015) have now been closed

Nominations for the 3rd British Kebab Awards (2015) have now been closed. Thousands of kebab businesses across UK have kindly been nominated by kebab eaters of Britain! Nominations in 14 categories including best kebab shops category specific to four regions of the UK have been meticulously assessed for the final shortlist. You may vote for your favourite kebab business by clicking here
UK Kebab Industry

UK Kebab Industry

Kebab businesses currently have an annual contribution over £2.2 billion to the British economy. Not a fact that many are aware of, even though this delicious cuisine is very well known. The increasing consumption of kebab in Britain means that it is now a household food for more families than ever before. The deadline for the 3rd British Kebab Awards nominations is 10th of December.  The awards will be judged by an independent panel, comprising of industry peers and experts. We hope that you are able to help us make the British Kebab Awards 2015 truly representative of Britain’s talent in the Kebab industry.

Nadhim Zahawi is the Member of Parliament for Stratford-upon-Avon since 2010. His involvement with the British Kebab Awards started from the very beginning, he has sponsored the first Kebab Awards which was hosted in parliament with 250 people attending in 2013 and this years award ceremony at the Sheraton on Park Lane with more than 500 people attending. He states that the British Kebab Awards ceremony is a brilliant idea because kebabs have become a staple in Britain and part of the British diet. More importantly the industry is about small businesses and enterprise which are crucial for the economy especially post the crises and the crash of 2010. The awards ceremony is a way to acknowledge the very hard working people of the industry and the long hours they put in. He states that the kebab industry is vital for the revival of the British economy that is taking place.

Ibrahim Dogus the director of the Centre for Turkey Studies (CEFTUS) and the founder of the British Kebab Awards explains how the award ceremony started as a small idea but became reality for the country and flourish very quickly which is now an annual event, and participated by more than 100 MP’s and received lots of attention from not just British Politicians but also from the local and national media. From all over the UK, Glasgow to North Ireland, from Cardiff to Cumbria, Newcastle to Manchester businesses and individuals were nominees at the event. He also states that the award ceremony is not just about the Turkish, Turkish Cypriot or Kurdish community, it involves everyone from various communities that benefit from the Kebab Industry and that anyone can participate.

British Kebab Awards

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Kebab in Britain

Oxford dictionary definition: a dish of pieces of meat, fish, or vegetables roasted or grilled on a skewer or spit. The origin of the word kebap - the Turkish word - is from kabāb and can be traced back to Mesopotamia.
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It goes without saying that the popularity of the kebab is linked to migration to the UK. As different cultures have moved to these shores, so have different flavours and textures of food.
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